Cuban Government / Society

July 2017- Matthew Drennen

There are many different styles and types of Communism like; Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Cuban Communism, and others. (You get the point, there are a lot).  However, the paragraph below is to be a Brief idea of pure communism

The state nationalizes all the resources and there is few or no private business.  The goal of the state is to create equality among the people.  This is why the government gives jobs and housing to the majority of people or all of the citizens.  The government restricts the rights of its citizens, and this causes people to lose their individuality, and enturn work for the common good or goal.  Also, in many versions of Communism, the government provides many social services like basic healthcare and basic education.  In summary, the goal of communism is to spread the resources to the citizens equally.  However, frequently  there is still a class of ruling elites in the government.

Okay, returning to the topic…..

The Cuban government has manufactured an “utopian” society, however in actuality it is not quite that.  Until recent years, the government has created a society that is anti capitalist and especially anti American.  They do this through propaganda, and saying that the revolution continues.  With saying this they can justify more government control of the people, and the use of military force to “keep the masses in control” So this paragraph in summary,  the government uses the revolution to be justified and kept in power.  Also, they have set up a false threat from the west,  to be in power.

Yeah I know, ^^^, this is confusing

Furthermore, Cuban society is also extremely unique, from the rest of the world and society, because the communist government provides many social programs, like free healthcare, free education, and many other free items.  These programs and strict government presence make the society look successful compared to other countries.  There is no homelessness or much hunger (now), which in one case is good, but the government expunges them from society.

Finally, Cubas’ society is unique from the western world and other types of communism because, it uses the revolution and the embargo to justify its existence and control over the masses; also they provide many social services that the people benefit from. However, with the future generations of cubans, I believe they want more freedoms and access to the outside world without restrictions.  The Cuban government will need to adapt to survive this growing demand for connection.  They may have to adapt their manufactured society to give more rights and opportunities to the people.

  • Ehh not the best blog – but it sorta of describes Cuban society and its “False State”

July 2017 – Matthew Drennen







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