Cuban Culture

July 2017- Matthew Drennen

Cuban Culture has many international influences, even though its isolated from the world.  To begin with Cuba was a Spanish colony, like the majority of the “new world” . So this is the reason Cuba speaks Spanish, also this is the reason for the old Spanish infrastructure in Havana Vieja.  Next, the Spanish had to import slaves from Africa to support their economy. This gave the island of Cuba an African influence we see today.

Today you can see that many Cubans are africans and they believe in African gods and Christianity.  When we went to a more African part of Havana we saw a traditional dance that they do in order to tell stories about the Gods.

After slavery was abolished and the Cuban revolutions against kicked out the Spanish government.  One of the main revolutionaries was Jose Marti.  This is because he inspired the country with his poetry and bravery.  Marti, now in Cuba is like George Washington is for the United States.

Now since Cuba was “free” , with the help of the USA, they could rule themselves.  FALSE, This is where the US influence comes in.  The US influence is prominent in Cuban History because a majority of the Infrastructure is American style or similar. The Cubans do not like this period because its western imperialism, and the USA installed a dictator named Batista.  Everyone in Cuba hates Batista.

This is where Fidel come into play, They started the Cuban revolution and expunged Batista and the aristocratic landowners from society.  This is when they set up a “False state” and constantly remind the Cuban people that the revolution continues , to stay in power.  This made Cuba more unified and stronger.  Once the American Embargo was put into place the culture changed and the people had to become strong.  This is why they turned to the Soviet Union.

Until recently, the Cuban Culture has been steady, but I am predicting another big shift in cultural identity as more private business and technology moves into Cuba.

Who knows……

-Matthew Drennen July 2017



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