Cuba Study Abroad – Intro

July 2017

So as you guys know I currently go to Flagler College, and this summer I went to Cuba with the College.  The study abroad was for my Cuba relations class, and it was incredible.  The class really focused on the relations between the United States and Cuba, and how the embargo has (effected or affected? idk English is hard) the island of Cuba. It was extremely interesting because the Cubans are strong people against all odds and lack of supplies and other amenities.

Anyways, we went with our amazing Professor Tracey Eaton who has traveled the world, and lived in Cuba for many years.  With his connections we made in Cuba, through his years there, we were able to meet and talk to all types of Cubans.  We talked to friends of Fidel, legal and illegal journalists, tobacco farmers and many other types of people.  In summary, this trip really opened my eyes, and let me have a new perspective about Cuba and the rest of the world.

Also, its beautiful- Matthew Drennen



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