The Fuji Kite – May 6, 2017

The other day Pierce Ernest, and I were on 8th Street on St. Augustine beach.  We were walking through the sand dunes, trying to find a place to lay on the beach and we spotted many people down the beach flying gigantic kites.  So Pierce and I walked down the beach, and we went to go take pictures of the kites.  The kite was a giant puffer fish that was made of Nylon and had different color spikes.  It was massive,  we could have danced inside of the kite.  Then we met the owner of the kite, his name was Dean, and he had traveled all over the world.  He said he purchased the kite in New Zealand, and that it was made of leftover Nylon, and its name was Fuji.  Next, he asked if we could help put the kite up in its bag. So we helped him, and we talked to the guy for a while about his travels, and his kite.



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